About Us

MedNet is an employee owned Company. We are a group of 32 Medical Instructors. Five of us serve on the Voting Board of MedNet.


    Karavasilis Konstantinos - CEO


    AHA ITC Faculty, ITCC

    PHTLS National Coordinator - Georgia

    President & Chairman, Georgian College of Emergency Physicians

    Tsirkvadze Irina - Physician [Emergency Medicine]


    AHA ITC Faculty

    PHTLS Course Medical Director

    Clinical Head of Emergency Department - Children's New Clinic

    Kvitsinadze Giorgi - Physician [Anesthesiology and Critical Care]


    AHA ITC Faculty

    PHTLS Instructor

    Tabidze Nino - Physician [Anesthesiology and Critical Care]


    AHA ITC Faculty

    PHTLS Instructor